Prater Canyon Wagyu Livestock

What sets the Wagyu
From other Beef Cattle?

What sets the Wagyu apart from other beef cattle, besides the intramuscular fat that creates the marbling, is the type of fat. The breed produces fatty pockets that are much higher in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, they have more omega-3 than salmon. At Prater Canyon Wagyu & Livestock, we choose to work directly with the consumer who wants a freezer full of USDA prime beef. This way, you can have anything from hamburger to ribeye steak to the most tender and flavorful roasts any day of the week. No waiting for orders to come in the mail or hoping that it is still frozen when it arrives. We deliver personally to your doorstep, the whole beef, cut and wrapped to your specifications. This way, you can look us in the eye as we shake your hand, and you will know that we deliver on our promise.

Know your farmer, know your food

Part of the expense of Wagyu is the time it takes to raise them to slaughter weight. They are slower growing. Compared to a standard feed lot cow, which is generally harvested at 15 months, a 26 to 30 month Wagyu steer seems like an eternity. Yet for the consumer it is well worth the wait, succulent, flavorful steak that melts in your mouth.

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