Business Model

The ability to grill USDA prime beef at home relies heavily on your access to high quality butchers who already have buyers for anything USDA prime. Only 3% of all slaughtered beef is USDA prime so it's very difficult to access. You spend lots of money on your outdoor kitchen, grill & accessories for your family and friends events to only end up serving USDA choice quality beef. Prater Canyon Wagyu & Livestock (PCW&L) offers a solution that will fill your freezer with USDA prime and prime plus beef when you need it at a price you can afford. Ultimately, you will be the envy of the neighborhood for your next holiday barbeque!

We raise your cattle for you and you select the butchering process that best fits your needs. Prater Canyon Wagyu are full-blooded American Wagyu and are graded USDA prime or prime plus 90% of the time, Guaranteeing your beef will be the best you'll ever have access to. You simply buy the rights to a calf at birth and then PCW&L raises your calf in large pastures, without any antibiotics or growth hormones and in a controlled environment that maximizes marbling and eventual taste. After 24 - 30 months, these beef have reached skeletal maturity and the marbling has increased dramtically over beef slaughtered the normal 14 - 18 months. There is an initial deposit to reserve an animal while the balance would be due when delivery date is established.

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